Which vegetables have high protein? – Debbie Elizabeth,

That’s a good question.. There are quite a handful of vegetables that contain high amounts of protein when compared to meat or poultry. Trust me, they are much better than your protein shakes, powders or bars. Why buy all these synthetically produced protein supplements when you have some good natural sources of protein??

Yeah, so coming to the question…There are some amazing protein rich vegetables which you can add them to your daily diet.

  • Peas

These are personally one of my favourites and an excellent source of protein. It’s available in fresh, frozen, canned and dried form while fresh may not be available always you can go in for the other options. Fresh is the best to go during its season and my kitchen will be smelling of peas pulao, aloo matar subzi and matar paneer masala. It can easily be added to anything and goes well with salads, gravies, soups and subzis.

  • Spinach

You must already be well aware of the fact that spinach is a super food since it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals especially Iron and antioxidants. Well, they are also rich in protein so you have a double benefit now.

  • Corn

Another personal favourite of mine, this wonder food packs a solid punch of proteins to your diet apart from fibre. Be it fresh, frozen, canned or dried as a grain popularly known as Maize, you have a good deal of protein in them. Like peas, corn is also used in salads, soups, gravies, subzis, sandwich, etc.

  • Mushrooms

Yummm…mushrooms make an uber tasty and nutritious meal. I like it best when they are made into a salad or simply grilled with some olive oil and seasonings. Tastes so good especially when you have it during the rainy season.

  • Broccoli

Have you seen this vegetable which resembles a lot like cauliflower but its florets are green? Yes that’s a broccoli. They are fully rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins and guess what…they are so good to eat when you add them to your white pasta, salads or just by steaming and seasoning them lightly.

  • Kale

This is one of the lesser known vegetable out here and I’m not very sure if it’s available everywhere. Truly one of the best greens and vegetable choices out there, kale is the definition of a super food. Make it into a salad, add it to soup or casserole, or blend a handful into a green smoothie, knowing that you are getting your protein.

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